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$LYU Backed by LST
Max Asset Flexibility & Capital Efficiency
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why should you
Leverage LST Assets in LYVE?

higher yield

Leveraging LST not only amplifies potential gains but also allows users to earn additional rewards from the protocol.

leverage LST exposure

Leveraged positions in LST are particularly beneficial for those who are long-term bullish on ETH.

better safety

The contracts are verified, immutable, and have been audited by top-tier auditing firms, ensuring a high level of security.

higher capital efficiency with stable interest

By leveraging their LST, users can maximize the utility of their capital. Fixed interest rate of 0.5% on LYUSD loans provides stability and shields users from sudden spikes in borrowing costs due to market volatility.
How Lyve Works?
Leverage Your LSTMax Capital Efficiency
Earn Extra IncentivesFarm to earn better and safe yields
Bring LSD War CrossChainsLSD bribes for votes to attract LST Liquidity
Lyve DAO
lyve DAO serves as the backbone of lyve
finance's decision-making process.
The Lyve DAO will be governed by LYVE token holders holders who will have the power to influence the direction of the project, propose and vote on various decision, and collectively manage the protocol. This community-driven approach helps ensure that the Lyve Finance project remains true to its decentralized nature and that its development is in line with the interests of its users.
step 01Deposit your ETH or LST
step 02Mint LYU
step 03Use LYU for yieldfarming with otherblue-clip tokens.
step 04Swap LYU for ETHand LST for cycliclending.

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